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Gary Harper, through Harper and Associates, has been working with the people side of organizations since 1991 by providing conflict resolution and communication training, facilitation and mediation services.

Gary is a trainer, writer, speaker and facilitator who authored the highly acclaimed The Joy of Conflict Resolution. His workshops and presentations offer accessible, practical concepts and strategies to understand and resolve conflict.

The Joy of Conflict Resolution: Transforming Victims, Villains & Heros in the Workplace and at Home

Order your copy today from New Society Publishers or check out a retail outlet near you.

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The Joy of Conflict Resolution is now available as an e-book through Amazon and Chapters/Indigo.

Photo Caption Contest

Congratulations to all who entered the annual photo caption contest. We had a repeat winner: Karonne Hanlen, who also won the inaugural contest last fall. Here are the top four entries, as determined by an eclectic panel who shall remain anonymous:

1. That's victim, villain, hero, or "resolutionary", not "revolutionary"!

2. "Now, are we paying attention to me! Okay good! I called you all here so we could collectively discuss our issues, in this non-threatening and non-intimidating space. Just because I am in the position of power and authority does not mean that you can't say what you feel. This is a safe space where everyone's opinions are important! Okay, who wants to go first, don't be hold back, say what you feel! I promise to listen and be direct!

3/4. Woo whooo, I've just dealt with the mother-in-law - that should make the rest of the marriage a breeze!

3/4. Whew! So that's what her Old Man meant by a shotgun wedding!

Gary Haper Joy of Conflict Resolution Photo Contents

Archived Photo Contests: Fall 2012

In conflict, each person feels hit first.

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